How to cook guys breakfast for 2

How to cook guys breakfast for 2

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Guys cook this the night before so this goes faster in the AM. If it ends up breakfast for 1 atleast u have bacon.

Oops forgot to take pic of my nice moist scrambled eggs. I cook a lil wet since baking them too. Not too wet.

Self explanatory

I should have taken one of those nice supply photos.

Arrange 4 crescent rolls like so.

Add cheese n bacon.

Add eggs and anything her heart desires. Find out what she likes before hand guys and don't try to pick her up with "what do u want for breakfast honey buns?" LoL.

Oops. I added more bacon and then topped with cheese before folding over. 1st try turned out good but the 2nd one ( the rest of the crescent rolls) I closed up the sides a lil more. But not necessary.

Mmm. She'll be impressed by how quickly you whipped this up. Bake at 375 for 10-13 mins. Follow crescent instructions basically. Don't forget to preheat while cooking eggs and assembling.

Some healthy tomato slices for added flavor n color. Serve her some Champagne, Mimosa, or a Bloody Mary and she may just stay overnight again. LoL.

I got this from Pininterest but used the whole tube and a lot more eggs. Plus no guide on how to wrap it up. So I did it this way.

From what I gather they arrange all crescents in star pattern and I guess there's a hole in middle which the cover with the bacon if your going family style instead of for two. ;)

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