How to make a mojito

How to make a mojito

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Start off by gathering all of your ingredients and supplies. NOTE: I forgot to include the muddler.

Throw in a few mint leaves into the empty Highball glass.

Then, add in 1-2 tsp of sugar.

I only added 1 tsp. :)

Use your muddler to grind the leaves and sugar together. Make sure to press and make a twisting motion.

Squeeze a lime (or half) in with the muddled leaves and sugar.

Now the good stuff: add in 2 oz. of your favorite light rum!! :D

Mix the ingredients together aaaaaaaand...

...fill the glass with ice! :)

Fill the rest of the glass with Soda/Sparkling water.


Finally, garnish with a mint sprig. :)

A lovely cocktail to enjoy with some friends. This is the first time making this drink and I'd like some feedback. Otherwise, enjoy! Please don't forget to FOLLOW and drink responsibly! :)

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