How to make an easier, sturdier paper spinner (origami)

How to make an easier, sturdier paper spinner (origami)

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Start with a full sheet of printer paper (never construction paper cuz it tears).

Fold in half.

Fold in half again.

Fold left corner down.

Fold right corner up.

Make another one the exact same way.

Place orange on top of green...

Just center it the best you can. It's ok.

Fold green triangle down.

Fold orange triangle over green.

Fold green triangle over orange.

Fold orange triangle over green. Wait...

Fold it back to that pocket where paper clip is & stick orange triangle in it...

Like this.

You can leave it like this or go crazy with markers. Then...

Turn it over & fold it in half. It's thick, so just do your best.

Like this is fine.

Then fold it other way so now you have a cross. The cross created a subtle tip that will cause our new spinner to spin.

Just put your right index finger on one tip & left thumb on opposing tip & give it a good spin (obviously not like pictured).

There's more?! No. Just thought I'd show you a thinner version that seems to spin faster. The first one is thick...good for younger kids. This time start with 2 HALF pieces of printer paper.

Fold them in half like you did in step 3. Continue on from there with steps 4-18 and...

Wa-la! You have two now!

One thick & one thin.

Here's a whole pile.

And here they are spinning. The top left corner is a very trippy one! It's the red, black, blue swirl one. It's always a favorite. I can't take credit for whoever's idea it was, tho. Enjoy!

Watch the video: EASY Origami STAR Fidget Spinner - Yakomoga Origami EASY tutorial (May 2022).


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