Radio: Clutter Control for New Stuff

 Radio: Clutter Control for New Stuff

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It's great to get holiday gifts from family and friends, but it's not so great figuring out what to do with all that new stuff. This is the perfect time to re-evaluate how much you really need, and where to put it.

Listen to ON CLUTTER CONTROL FOR NEW STUFF or read the text below:

One easy way to handle incoming gifts is to think of each item as a replacement for something you already own. If someone gives you a beautiful set of candlesticks, for example, take a look at what candlesticks you already have and choose an older pair to give away. This works especially well with kids' toys-for every new toy or game that came into your home this holiday season, choose one to pass on to another family or a charity.

If you find it hard to part with sentimental items from your past, consider starting a special photo album for them-take a picture of the item, even write a few lines about where it came from and why it was important to you. Then donate the item and keep the photo. You'll still have the memory and the sentiment, but those don't take up much storage space!

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